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The 220th AW Flight Plan 2028 is grounded with 220th Airlift Wing’s Mission “To conduct tactical airlift operations in support to the Armed Forces of the Philippines” and Core Values: Integrity, Service above Self, Teamwork, Excellence, and Professionalism.


The Unit Flight Plan has four perspectives, namely the Capability Enablers, Core Function, Unit Focus, and Impact. Each perspective has a corresponding strategic objective indicated.  


The Capability Enablers is composed of the DOTMPLF – Doctrines, Organization, Training, Materiel, Personnel, Leadership, and Facilities – plus the Values, Budget and Finance, and Stakeholder Engagement. The Capability Enablers are engines that drive the Core Function of 220th Airlift Wing. The objectives under each enabler are as follows:


  • Doctrines – Develop and revalidate doctrines for Air mobility Operations

  • Organization - Ensure alignment of organization structure with PAF Air Power Strategy

  • Training – Enhance training program to develop and sustain personnel capabilities to meet operational requirements

  • Materiel – Acquire and upgrade materiel to enhance air mobility capability

  • Personnel – To develop skilled personnel and ensure efficient human resource management

  • Leadership – Mobilize leadership as effective stewards of Flight Plan strategy execution

  • Facilities – Upgrade base facilities and support system Plan base on the MDP

  • Values – Strengthen the values and ethos of 220AW Personnel for effective performance of air mobility missions

  • Budget and Finance – Promote timely budget preparation, implementation, and documentation

  • Stakeholder Engagement – Build stakeholder confidence to gain support for the PAF  


Furthermore, the Unit Core Function, as stated in the Integrated Air Operations Concept (IAOC), is in Air Mobility Support, and the objective under this system is to Provide rapid and responsive Air Mobility Support.


The Unit Focus states the direction 220th Airlift Wing wants to pursue, which is to “Develop Capability for a Rapid and Responsive Air Mobility Support .”   By 2022, the Waypoint Goal is to “Build capability to perform responsive and credible Tactical Air Mobility services in support to National Security and Development,”   and by 2028, the Breakthrough Goal is to “To provide responsive and credible Tactical and Strategic Air Mobility services in support to National Security and Development”   


Overall, the 220th Airlift Wing would like to enable an Impact of having “Prompt and Rapid Deployment of Forces and Materiel”


The objectives stated are guide to achieve the aspired Vision of the Wing on becoming “A More Capable and Credible Air Mobility Provider in the Region Responsive to National Security and Development.” The success of accomplishing the strategy map determines being able to deliver its purpose to the institution, to the country, and to the Filipino people.

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